Fate and Destiny: The Hunchback of Langbodo trilogy

The hunchback of Langbodo will be available for sale in stores from September 2017

The concept of fate and destiny are prominently discussed in Tito O’tobi’s The Hunchback of Langbodo. In this review, Oòduwà and Ìwà will be taken as case studies on the subject.



Oòduwà being dropped on earth and told he’s a man with no divinity traits in him. Eventually gets to Idanre and learns that he’s a god. Having lived his entire life believing he was inferior to Orisa-nla, a god. His story could be likened to the Hans Andersen tale of The Ugly Duckling. It matters not where you’re born, you’ll be what exactly you were born to be. Having reigned as king amongst men, Oòduwà eventually rises to become the king amongst gods as determined by the fate bestowed on him from Olodumare. He’s severally opposed by Orisa-nla and Sango who for varying motives tried to thwart Oòduwà’s eventual rise to the throne of Idanre.



Born a princess and the daughter of the chief deity, Ìwà finds a husband in a human Oòduwà. Despite being the last daughter, Ìwà by virtue of her marriage to Oòduwà is elevated first to an earthly queen and later to the heavenly queen and heiress to Yemoja’s position, when Oòduwà eventually rises to the throne of Idanre.


The hunchback of Langbodo trilogy will be in stores from September 1, 2017. You can get your copy from any of the following bookstores.

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