Rescue Ladies

Book Title: Rescue Ladies

Author: Olubunmi Mabel

A young doctor entered the consultant’s office. ‘’The ultrasound result is out sir,’’ he announced, handing over the result to him. Zainab’s heart leapt. The consultant took a cursory look at it and drew a long breath. ‘’Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy. I thought as much,’’ he muttered to himself. ‘’Is she conscious now?’’ he asked.

‘’Yes sir, but weak. The IV fluids and the second pint of blood are in progress.’’

‘’Good. Prepare a referral letter to the teaching hospital, and make sure you emphasize the urgency. Then bring it for me to sign.’’

‘’Okay sir.’’ He went out of the room.

Zainab shuddered. Pregnancy? Tope is pregnant? Why the referral to the teaching hospital?

‘’Zainab, this is an emergency. Tope needs to be operated upon urgently. She has a Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy, which is also known as Tubal Pregnancy. The foetus was implanted in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. That was the reason for the severe abdominal pain and eventual bleeding. One of her tubes is ruptured and needs to be removed in order to save her life,’’ the doctor explained gently.

Zainab was overwhelmed with emotions. She broke into tears.

‘’This is not the time to cry, dear. We need to help her urgently. Make calls to her relatives so that they can prepare to foot her operation bill and other expenses. I’ll call the consultant gynaecologist over there so that she can be attended to promptly. The bills can be paid later. We need to save her life.’’ He stood up immediately. Zainab followed him, wiping tears from her face. Her anger burned against Ramsey. This time around, she wouldn’t allow her friend to suffer alone. Ramsey must play his own part. She would call him. If he didn’t pick up, she would appear at his abode.

Zainab went to the ER. She hugged Tope who was now conscious and was crying silently. She had been informed of her diagnosis and the need for referral. ‘’You’ll be fine,’’ Zainab assured her.

Tope was helped into the ambulance by a doctor, two nurses, and a ward orderly after which the driver sped on with the siren on. A young nurse who held the referral letter sat across her, while Zainab sat beside her. Ifeoma had handed over Tope’s bag to Zainab.

‘’Please, don’t call my mum. I don’t want her to be disturbed. I have enough money to take care of myself,’’ Tope said weakly to Zainab, who nodded in reply. She didn’t have the intention of calling her mum anyway. Not like she had the money to foot her daughter’s hospital bill…

‘’And please, don’t call Ramsey. His wife might pick up his call. I don’t want any more problems for myself and for him. You…’’

Zainab placed a finger on Tope’s lips. ‘’Shhhh…. You are not supposed to be talking. Keep quiet and conserve your strength.’’

Tope expressed fear over what Zainab would say to Ramsey. She knew she would certainly call him.

They got to the hospital after twenty minutes of a speedy drive. The health team swung into action after the nurse presented the referral letter and the results of the tests conducted on Tope.

‘’She’s Consultant Emmanuel’s patient from the university clinic. He called the consultant earlier,’’ Zainab heard one of the young doctors say.

The Consultant? That was kind of him! Zainab thought. Except for Sharon and Tope, she had only been to the school clinic for medical clearance during the admission screening exercise. Her medical card remained where she kept it since that day. So, she had no prior encounter with the doctor. Tope was wheeled into the theatre almost immediately while Zainab hurried to the bank to withdraw some money. She was shocked at the amount of money in Tope’s account.

‘’So, she’s not totally naïve after all….’’ she whispered to herself. She saved a lot of money whereas she and Sharon squandered virtually all the money they got on needless shopping, except the one they spent on their vocational training. It didn’t occur to them that the deal might not last till they desired. She couldn’t help but agree that Tope displayed more financial intelligence than them.

She went from there to the hall to gather some more clothes, toiletries, beverages, and other necessities.


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