Review: Clandestine

Title: Clandestine

Author: Tomi Adesina

Number of Pages: 129

The story begins with Alex, who is a married professional, waking up in the house of a lady with whom he had spent the night and she was obviously not his wife. The story progresses on and by the fourth chapter we’re onto the line that Alex’s extramarital affairs are taking a toll on his family and career. His wife is fed up and the marriage is heading towards a divorce. Alex is desperate to save his marriage and career. It all goes around in a circle that is relatively quite familiar and by the fourth chapter, the reader is tempted to get bored and drop the novel. It’s all been told before. A cheating husband struggling to save his marriage. It’s quite a familiar theme which any reader could have read in any other place. From the movies to lifestyle magazines and gossip blogs. It’s a story that has been heard over and over again. But should you just quit and drop Clandestine after the fourth chapter?

As the novel progresses, we’re brought to touch with some of the other characters of the novel. And there’s a certain polarity that gives depth to Tomi’s characters that is not commonly seen. We can’t fail to see the polarities. There’s Jude. Jude is unmarried, quite not as committed to his career as Alex and is on the wild end of any line that Alex stands on its calm end, yet they’re close friends and confidantes. Also, there’s Doubra on the opposite end of Lola, Mr David is on the opposite of Mrs David. This polarity aids the story, creating an even tension between the characters in the story and lightly drawing the story out of its “everyday story lull”. And you can tell that the writer has good techniques for turning out something worth reading, even out of a tired plot.

So, should you drop this book at Chapter four, I wouldn’t think that’s a wise decision.

Overall, the story scores a C for it’s tired and over-used plot, a good A for characterization, B for narration and handling of sensitive topics.

Final word: Average story, Excellent characters and Great Narrative. 6/10.

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