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Heartbreak Diary Cover (proposed)_1
The Heartbreak Diary is a collection of poems that culturally discusses and versifies the complex emotional feeling that is called heartbreak. Its verses are arranged in three main styles, rhythmic quartets/quatrains, iambic sonnets and a few long verses. The theme of the poems range from a nationalist’s broken patriotism through exuberant teenage flings to somber vituperations of death, like Love is strong as death. To buy/download this book, click on the picture above.


Ìwà: A Phoenix’s Appearing is a short folk story written by Tito O’tobi. The story follows a sequence of events that brings Oòduwà in contact with a princess while he is running away from his destiny as predicted by the oracle at Òyó. This short story is an excerpt from the popular trilogy, The Hunchback of Langbodo. To buy/download this free e-book, please click on the picture above.